Honed Concrete

So… What is Honed Concrete?

Honed concrete is a simply stunning outdoor flooring option which is smooth underfoot and is available in countless colours and customised concrete mixes.

Honing concrete offers unparalleled value and visually stunning finishes, suitable for a variety of outdoor flooring but best suited to areas such as alfresco and patios, as well as other outdoor living areas which we detail further down on this page. 

Sometimes confused with “polished concrete”, Honed Concrete is in itself an art, whereby after being poured, the concrete is mechanically ground down with diamond blades to a desired level of smoothness, exposing the aggregate inside and leaving an immaculately smooth, glistening surface.

Premier Concrete Perth’s concrete team applies countless years of experience, bringing you an unrivalled and seamless service from the start to the finish of your project. We don’t cut corners, only concrete. What sets us apart from our Perth competitors is our dedication to delivering only the highest quality concrete installation. All our concrete is poured at 100mm depth, using 32MPA higher strength concrete, as well as using a higher quality reinforced steel mesh, while your entire project is overseen by a dedicated project manager. A service you won’t find anywhere else.

Creating a totally flat and smooth surface, honed concrete is child friendly, extremely low maintenance, smooth underfoot, looks sophisticated and stylish and lasts a lifetime.

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Where we use Honed Concrete

Honed concrete is a hugely popular finish used to entire outdoor living areas, including; Alfresco’s, Swimming Pool Surrounds, Courtyards, Veranda’s, Internal Garages (Man Caves), Retail Shops and Large Commercial Spaces. A beautiful smooth underfoot finish is achieved by using our state of the art machinery to grind back and polish the decorative concrete, beautifully revealing the sparkling stone aggregates within the decorative concrete mix. 

Honed Concrete is the stand out choice to swimming pool surrounds, with the latest installation technology, our seamless pool edge formwork enables us to create an instant elegant space. We have the patience and expertise on hand to form up absolutely any swimming pool shape, be it a fibreglass or concrete pool, brand new or existing – and transform it into a stunning and functional area. We’ll grind back, polish and reveal the sparkling stone aggregate within the decorative concrete mix, taking your space to the next level. Non-slip sealers are used in every application as standard.

Honing & Polishing Existing Concrete

At Premier Concrete Perth we routinely undertake the honing and polishing of existing poured concrete surfaces. Whether operating on an existing concrete floor or upgrading an unsatisfactory pour from a contractor who hasn’t fulfilled your expectations, we have the knowledge, experience and machinery on hand to produce an unrivalled finish. 

We can bring your washed or exposed aggregate back to a smooth, beautiful and shimmering finish without the costly task of having to uplift and re-pour any concrete.

What are the benefits to using Honed Concrete?

• Cost Effective
• Strong and durable
• Practical and stylish
• Adds slip resistance
• Suitable for swimming pool areas
• Custom Designed Options
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
• Low maintenance
• Customisable Finishes
• Improves Green Star Rating

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